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Primer Outlines & Checklists

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Available for 33 jurisdictions. If you are carrying around a huge commercial bar review book and are unsure what information you actually need to learn, you are not alone. Most bar review companies cram every possible piece of information into their outlines and do not tell you whether it is tested on the bar exam. Such information overload causes problems when you come to write your essays. With our outlines, we have isolated the issues within subjects that are tested on the bar exam and we have organized them into a systematic approach that you can employ on the actual exam.

Each outline was developed over a six month period and continually tested against bar standard questions. Following each testing session our outlines were refined until we were confident that not only are they the best in the business, but that they can tackle any problem the bar could pose. We have produced three sets of materials:

“Comprehensive Outlines” are designed to be studied with until the last three weeks before the bar. They comprehensive and explain the law in the way it should be written on the bar exam. The comprehensive outlines are found only in Quest’s Total Preparation Book, available here.

“Primer Outlines” are concise and are designed to make the most efficient use of your study time during the final weeks before the bar exam. They are structured to form an active approach that you can work through to make sure you hit all of the issues.

“Issue Spotters” are one page checklists that are designed to be memorized and used to make sure no issue goes uncovered.

Your Primer Outlines & Checklists book includes only Quest’s “Primer Outlines” and “Issue Spotters.” If you would like to purchase all of Quest’s outlines, including the “Comprehensive Outlines”, please consider the Total Preparation Book, available here.



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