Law schools may teach the law, but they do not prepare you for the bar exam. Many students finish law school with the hope that their commercial bar review course will provide them with that preparation. It used to be the case that unless you are willing to spend $10,000 and up, you will not receive the individualized attention you need to be successful on the bar. Now there’s Quest!

Other bar review programs only provide the opportunity to turn in three or four essays and two performance tests for critical review during the program. Furthermore, the feedback received is generally vague and provides no guidance for improvement. Quite simply, this is insufficient. 

At Quest, we not only teach the law, we teach you how to apply the law and be successful on the most difficult licensing exam in the country. 

To help you achieve your goal of becoming a licensed attorney, we have created a variety of products that include: Comprehensive Written Materials; Essay and Performance Test Approaches; Essay and Performance Test Review and Grading; a Customized Review Service for Repeat Takers; and the Ultimate Passer’s Package with Pass Guarantee. 

Let Quest help you reach your goals!