Professional Bar Exam Tutoring

$ 59.00

If you want a personalized approach to you help you succeed on the bar exam then individual tutoring may be right for you. Our tutors tailor customized study and assignment schedules so that you can make the most efficient use of the study time that you have available. Quest tutors not only grade your work, provide detailed feedback, and keep you organized, they are also available to answer your substantive law questions – just give your tutor a call or send an email and he or she will get back to you right away.

Quest offers two tutoring options: One-on-One Tutoring and Virtual Tutoring

One-On-One Tutoring
We have many tutors throughout the country. Contact us to see if we have a tutor in your area!
Email and ask about tutors in your area!

Virtual Tutoring
If you need expert assistance but do not have the time to meet face-to-face with a tutor, virtual tutoring could be right for you. You receive the same expert assistance that our one-on-one students receive, but you communicate with your tutor by telephone, email, and fax. You purchase an amount of time and our tutors bill against it in six minute increments. At just $59 for one hour, $100 for two hours, and $135 for three hours, this service is great value for bar takers who have busy schedules.

Quantity Discounts:

Tutoring Hours 1 2 3+
Price per Hour $59 $50 $45

Your tutoring hours do not expire. However, they cannot be transferred to another person and they are non-refundable.