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Repeat Taker’s Review Service

Unfortunately, not everyone passes the bar exam on the first attempt. The key to being successful on your next attempt is understanding where you have areas of weakness. If you do not make this assessment, the chances are that you will repeat old bad habits and not pass the exam.

To make sure students do not repeat their mistakes, and to provide guidance as to where students should focus their study, Quest has developed a review service for those who have been unsuccessful on the bar. This service includes a comprehensive review of each essay and performance test answer. 

One of our tutors will review not only your understanding of the law, but also your essay writing and organizational abilities. Your tutor will identify the areas in which you need to improve and provide you with strategies for addressing the weaknesses. Armed with this information, you can use your time more efficiently and boost your scores.

Due to high demand, we can no longer offer this service à la carte. The Repeat Taker’s Review Service is now only available through our Passer’s Packages, available here.


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