As you’ve probably realized by now, success in law school and success on the bar exam are two different entities, both requiring distinct commitments and extensive sacrifice. Here at Quest, we recognize that all bar takers want to be fully prepared to take the exam but that many do not know what they need to do to be fully prepared. Taking a trial and error approach to the bar exam is not only financially draining, but also delays the start of your new career.

Let Quest’s experience guide you so that you are fully prepared to take the bar exam and never look back. For those who want to walk into the bar exam with no lingering doubt, we have created “The Passer’s Package.” Each of the three comprehensive Passer’s Packages include: Lectures; Essay & PT Grading; Substantive Outlines; Flash Cards; Practice Essays, PTs, and MBE Questions; and Personal Tutoring – All backed by Quest’s Pass Guarantee!

As a Passer’s Package Client, you will be able to login to the Quest Portal with access to:

      • Streaming Video Lectures 
      • Online Substantive Law Outlines
      • The Quest Question Bank
      • Comprehensive Schedules
      • Assignment Submission

Complete one of our programs at your own pace, each offering different levels of study depending on your individual starting point and needs. Complete one and not only will you have piece of mind, but also Quest’s Pass Guarantee*

Interest Free – 3 Payment Installment Plans – Available At Checkout


Pass Guarantee!

Free Silver Package + $2000 Refund

Free Silver Package + $500 Refund

Free Silver Package + $300 Refund
Portal Access with

Video Lectures & Outlines
Bar Exam

Total Preparation Book
MBE Flash Card Set
MBE Practice Book
Digital Essay & PT

Practice Packet

Graded and Critiqued
Performance Tests

Graded and Critiqued
Tutoring HoursUnlimited3020

Study Schedule
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A Passer’s Package is valid only for the administration for which it is purchased. As we limit enrollment numbers to ensure that you receive our full attention, transfers to subsequent administrations are only allowed within 10 days of the purchase date.

*Quest’s Pass Guarantee provides that if you complete all of the graded essays and performance tests in the chosen package and you fail the Bar Exam, you will be allowed to retake the Silver Passer’s Package for free, AND receive a partial refund! If there are new editions of Quest’s materials, you will receive those at no charge. For those who enroll in the Ultimate Passer’s Package, because it features unlimited grading, you must complete the number of graded essay and performance test assignments in the Platinum Passer’s Package for the Pass Guarantee to apply. *

We stand behind our work! Sign up now to avoid disappointment.