September 12, 2015

Lecture Series

$ 149.00

At Quest we recognize that people learn in different ways. Some Bar takers are visual learners who absorb written information most effectively. Others are auditory learners who prefer the spoken word. While others learn most effectively through practical application. Most likely, your personal learning style is a combination of these three. To help you study efficiently and effectively for the Bar exam, we at Quest have made our products available à la carte in order to tailor our solutions directly to your needs.

Quest has crafted video subject matter lectures with accompanying handouts. By combining audio with informative slides and providing practical examples, Quest lectures cater to all types of learners. If you need to refresh your memory on a subject you took years ago, or if you need to learn it for the first time, Quest lectures are for you!

Quest Lectures come in the following bundle and are accessible through the Quest Portal (also accessible via smartphone / tablet with a data connection).

Quest Complete Lecture Series – Full Bar Exam: $149

Subjects: Business Associations; Civil Procedure; Community Property; Conflict of Laws; Constitutional Law; Contracts; Criminal Law & Procedure; Evidence; Family Law; Professional Responsibility; Real Property; Remedies; Torts; Trusts & Estates; UCC Article 9.

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