Here at California Bar Tutors, we do not only cater to those taking the full California Bar Exam, we are also dedicated to helping law students succeed in their school studies and on the First-Year Law Students Examination.

We have a variety of services to held you succeed:

  • Tutoring Services: CBT’s tutors became some of the best bar takers in the country because they were top students. If you are having trouble with any aspect of your studies, whether it is outlining, essay writing, understanding the substantive law, or writing a persuasive brief, CBT can help you. Click here to visit our tutoring information page to learn more!
  • Essay Grading: Practice only makes perfect if your work is being reviewed with a critical eye trained to give you accurate bar standard scoring and constructive feedback. At CBT we take pride in our ability to offer high quality instruction and grading services. Countless students have praised the quality of our work and thanked us for helping them boost their scores. The essay grading services offered to takers of the full California Bar are also available to First Year Examination Takers and students. Simply select and complete the questions that meet your needs. Click here to find out more!
  • Study Materials: If you are a First-Year Law Student Exam taker, there is no better resource than our First Year Law Student comprehensive outline book. With the large volume of materials given to first year students, feeling overwhelmed and confused is perfectly normal. That is where CBT’s materials come in: Clarity is Key! Our materials tell you exactly what you need to learn so you have one less thing to worry about!