Passing the bar just got easier! At Mind Over Bar, we believe that your mindset can be your most powerful asset during the bar exam, if you know how to use it. Mind Over Bar is an online course that teaches you how to change your mindset and conquer the mental obstacles standing in between you and the law career that you deserve.

The Mind Over Bar Course will transform the way you study and take tests.

If you want to:

~Stop fighting with yourself to study

~Know how to rock a test even if you panic or blank

~Shift from overwhelmed to productive in minutes

~Transform fear into confidence

This course is for you.

Traditional bar courses teach law and strategy, but don’t provide guidance on emotional and behavioral framework that profoundly affects your success. Gain an extra edge with the comprehensive Mind Over Bar toolbox to navigate your own mind through the rough waters of the bar exam. The course teaches you the concrete practices, tools and skills that you need to pass.

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