A few words from our clients:

I love your Total Prep book! It is so much clearer than the xxxx book I was using.

M.M. Bar Taker

Thanks to the help of xxxx, I passed the California Bar Exam this past February! And today, I took my oath and am officially a member of the State Bar. Having xxxx on my side reading my essays and giving me constructive criticism and advice along the way, was invaluable. It was so invaluable that I recently referred a friend who is a repeat taker just as I was. Her name is xxxx xxxx and I know with your company’s assistance, she will also be taking her oath soon!  

N.B. Repeat Taker

When you scored my practice baby bar exams I didn’t believe that your scoring was accurate and so I ignored your advice thinking I would pass. I got my results yesterday and I didn’t pass. Your scores were exactly what the bar scorers gave me. I’m ready to sign up and I promise that I’ll listen this time!  

E.C. Baby Bar Taker

My ordeal is over!! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you all!! Having taken the bar three times before, I was ready to give up. My tutor xxxx really was outstanding and I really appreciated her help along the way. I still can’t believe it’s real! Thank you again!

R.H. Repeat Taker

The first two times I took the bar I did very well on the MBE section which obviously shows that I know the law. But I could not get over the hump on the essay section. Working with xxxx really opened my eyes. I had no idea that what I was doing was totally wrong. I went into the exam with so much confidence that when I left I was almost certain I passed. But like I said on the phone, it was such a relief to get confirmation! Please feel free to pass my comments along to others! Best.

S.M. Repeat Taker

CBT is the reason why I passed the bar exam. The traditional bar review course I paid $4,000 for did not work for me. I failed the bar 3 times using a traditional bar review course, then I found CBT. Thanks to my tutor and the Passer’s Package, I PASSED! Yay! I am so relieved that I never have to take the bar exam again. I wish I would have found CBT sooner and instead of wasting money and time with the other company. I highly recommend CBT. The price is right and these guys and gals know how to help you pass the bar.  

A.J.M. Repeat Taker