Type of Bar Exam
The essay questions are drafted by the State Bar of California. The MPT and MBE portions of the exam are provided by the NCBE.
Exam Components
The California Bar Exam consists of two days testing. Day one includes subject essays drafted by the State Bar of California, and the Multistate Performance Test drafted by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. On day two, the MBE is administered.
State Specific Components
Yes, as noted in "Subjects Tested," the Bar Exam tests California law in several areas.
Subjects Tested
California specific law is tested in the following areas: Business Associations, California Civil Procedure, California Evidence, Community Property, Professional Responsibility, Remedies, Trusts, and Wills and Succession. General, multistate law is tested in the following areas: Federal Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts & UCC Article 2 (Sales), Criminal Law & Procedure, Federal Evidence, Real Property, and Torts.


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